EPC Services

We offer world class EPC Services to the customer in India, china and Africa. Our EPC or Engineering, Procurement or Construction Services are offered by us to deploy high performing projects on ground. We are backed by a team of highly trained and experienced individual who strive to provide best possible solutions. Our experts think innovatively to successfully execute our services in the most efficient manner. Our services are reliable, hassle free and flexible. Clients can avail our complete EPC Services within a stipulated time frame.

Our offered Services :

  • Supply of excitation system
  • Supply of Battery testing machine
  • Supply of BTG for any capacity of power project
  • Supply of high power supply unit
  • Supply of all kind of machinery and equipment as per your requirement
  • Construction work of any power project on EPC or EPS base
  • Supply of any spare part or tools related with power project or any infrastructure project

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