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Business Line

Operating and acting as an agent for importation and exportation of diverse mechanical, electrical and instrumental products, and complete power plant equipment; operating and acting as an agent for importation, exportation and domestic trade of all categories of commodities but the commodities under special government control.


  • Domestic and overseas cooperation projects.
  • Joint venture and cooperative business.
  • Processing with supplied drawings, sample and materials, assembling with supplied parts and components and OEM of power plant.
  • Consultation and services in technology acquisition and introduction.
  • Shipping by sea, land and air, transportation of all kind of equipment of products.
  • Holding exhibitions and fairs both at home and abroad.
  • Consultant service.
  • Export of services and labor services.
  • International and domestic tendering and bidding.
  • Import & export of all kind of products as per customers need.
  • Co-manufacturing & importing of Solar Product with the brand name of MAX ERA.
  • Information consultation about and advertisement service on markets of mechanical and electrical products.
  • Technical exports; transfer of designing and manufacturing technology for various kinds of mechanical and electrical products; technical export of technologies of invention, products and services.
  • Design & Technical Support for Captive Power Plant and for all others.
  • Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Services (All kind of Power Projects on EPC basis)
  • Engineering Procurement Services (EPS) (All kind of Machineries, Spare Parts, cranes, etc.)
  • Supply of Boiler, Turbine & Generator for all type of Power Projects (Thermal/Solar/Wind/Hydro Power).
  • Supply of Excitation System for all type of Power Projects.
  • Project Co-ordination and Project Handling (Thermal Power Project, Gas & Liquid Power Project, Diesel Base Power Project, Hydro Power Project, Solar Power Project, Wind Power Project, etc.)
  • Supply of Electric & Mechanical Equipments.
  • Supply of All kind of Spare Parts for Heavy Crane.
  • Supply of Machinery (All kind of Machinery and their Spare Parts).
  • Supply of Spare Parts (All kind of Spare Parts).
  • Supply of Production Units (All kind of Small, Medium and Large kind of Production Units).
  • Supply of Power Tools (All kind of Power Tools Equipments and their Parts).
  • Supply of Solar Products (Solar Lights, Solar Tube, Solar Panel, Solar Torch, Solar AC, etc.)
  • Supply of All Kind of Safety Equipments.
  • Supply of all kind of Generator Sealant Glue.